Blog Evolution

Hi friends,

Long time no see! I’ll admit, I’ve wanted to post an update lately, and even attempted to write an update in a notebook while on the train; but it got left to the wayside again! This time I’m writing while on a family trip to Budapest.

Some quick life updates; we’re attempting to move house, and that’s taken quite a lot of time and energy. We’re still waiting for a completion date… but it’ll be great when we do get to move! I think it’ll be great to have a more permanent place, to start setting up a creative space for myself, organising my stash and taking my books/supplies out of storage… and no longer avoiding buying books, etc. because of space. I have so many art and craft books on my list…

That’s my main life update! Aside from that I’ve been working, doing a bit of freelance, along with this short trip to Budapest which has been very inspiring.

Now I want to take a short amount of time to discuss where I wanna take this blog. In the past few months, I’ve been listening to loads of podcasts while at work (it helps me to stay awake/alert). Many of the podcasts are about homesteading, gardening and environmental issues… this is in addition to my knitting and craft podcasts 😉

So, considering that the blog already has an environmental twang to it, I think that this may increase! And on moving house… you may see some house related stuff, and progress on attempting to make my own mini homestead.

As far as crafts are concerned, for this post, I’ll keep it short!

Knitting; I’m currently working on projects for family; a hat and a pair of socks for my sister, fixing some projects for my mum, and soon I’ll have to start on a hat for my dad for Christmas. I’m not so into gift knitting but I’ve had these requests for a while so I’m trying to get them done ASAP, then I can progress to new projects. I’m also planning to cut down on stash (too many single skeins of sock yarn!), through scrap projects and abstaining from buying anything I don’t need, and then I hope to focus on garment knitting, buying yarn on a per project basis, veering away from nylon and superwash content when possible/practical.

Spinning; it’s progressing! I dyed some giant merino roving bought by Charlie and have been test spinning it up!

Other; for my Japanese course I had to do a self directed project and opted to make a knit/craft podcast (in Japanese)! If anyone wants to listen, it’s here. It’s kind of embarrassing (my voice, my Japanese skill level) but I shouldn’t be embarrassed!

That’s all for now, I’ll sign off and plan to make more than a little update post next! Thanks for checking in 🙂 Below I’ve included some links to my recent favourite podcasts.


Bakewell Woolgathering & World of Wool

Hi all!

It’s been a long time, and I have been meaning to write for a while…

A mini recap since my last post – I finished ankle socks for my sister, started socks for my mum (then frogged a whole sock and re knit it in a different yarn), finished my HHF socks, finished spinning F is for Fidelio (from Countess Ablaze) and kept going on the Farmhouse Cardigan – it’s getting there! Also I learned how to start socks from the toe up, which was on my list of things I wanted to learn.

My current projects are: still Farmhouse Cardigan in Shetland aran weight home dyed yarn, Treccia hat in Garthenor Shetland yarn, some Monkey Socks in Rusty Ferret yarn, my mum’s socks (waiting to be fitted), and lastly my granny stripe blanket, which has grown quite a lot lately!

But anyway, I just wanted to write a little bit about Bakewell Woolgathering and my trip to World of Wool.

Last weekend was Bakewell Woolgathering; it’s not too far from where I live so C graciously drove us down there to have a gander at some yarn and other bits. I haven’t bought yarn it what feels like ages – apart from a treat of a skein of Voolenvine Yarns a while back – so I wanted at least to go have a look, and be around likeminded people!

It was bigger than I expected it to be – I thought it might be quite a small local style event but Bakewell Agricultural Business Centre is actually quite large, with a decent cafe tacked on too.

I wanted mainly to check out Hilltop Cloud‘s stall, I have been following Katie for a while and really like what she produces (I also love Barber Black Sheep – both of these sellers are from Wales… and I also miss Wales). It was really nice to see her stand and the variety of braids and other bits she offered. This time I didn’t buy from her, although I plan to order online from her in the future. I am feeling a lot like I need to make purposeful purchases rather than just buying because I want to own something from this or that stall. The time will come when I will make a Welsh yarnie order 🙂

I was impressed by the other stalls, there were some extremely tempting merino/nylon/stellina hanks in vibrant autumnal colours, some exciting fleeces and other bits and pieces. There was even a stall which sold mostly handspun yarn – which left me wondering, how did this person manage to spin such a large volume of yarn? Perhaps she only did one show a year or there were multiple spinners involved there. It did get me fantasising about having my own stall someday.

New drop spindle and suri alpaca fleece (spun raw as advised by the seller)

I came away with a 22g drop spindle and 200g of suri alpaca, a new to me fibre. I think I bought the alpaca fleece, which was incredibly soft and a beautiful colour, from Alpaca Yarns and the spindle from Nancy’s Graceful Fibres, although I’m not 100% as I wasn’t super familiar with most of the sellers there. I left happy, even if I was yearning a bit for some brightly coloured yarns too. I know I have stash to knit up!

Chickens hanging out near our airbnb

This weekend we went to stay near the Northeast edge of the Peak District for a restful weekend. Lucky for me, our airbnb also happened to be 20-30 minutes from World of Wool, a Huddersfield-based fibre seller, among other things. We drove to their warehouse, which also functions as a shop (including a cafe), to have a look. It was a bit weird entering and I did feel a bit like an intruder since it’s primarily a warehouse serving online customers, but staff were friendly and helpful, and it was actually ok for me to be there after all. Just writing this in case anyone else wants to take a trip there and is unsure too.

They had all their fibres and yarns in boxes on shelves so I spent a while going round and having a look/feel. I got a chance to see what all the different fibres felt like, which was nice; ones that I hadn’t touched before like cashmere, alpaca, pineapple fibre, etc. and breeds of wool I hadn’t really worked with yet. I picked up a merino/baby camel blend, some shetland, BFL and then botany lap waste (which I think is unidentified plant fibre, it was super soft though so I wanted to give it a spin). The way it works as well is that you can take as much as you want, it doesn’t have to be per 100g, so I maybe only took about 50g of the merino/camel, 50g lap waste, and 60g of the BFL/shetland combined, plus 1 shetland moorit batt. All this came to only £10, which was nice!

I do recommend making a trip there if you are able to and want to get hold of some fibres you haven’t yet given a go. I didn’t get everything I wanted; I thought about buying seacell as I really love working with that fibre, but like I have said previously, I need to work through my stash. Maybe next time!

They had a huge range but a few things I didn’t see where some specific breeds of sheep of interest to me; cormo (but this seems to be primarily an American fibre?), targhee (again, american) and Hebridean. I do have a small amount of cormo and targhee to work from, and someday I would like to try out Hebridean (or at least knit with it, see Daughter of a Shepherd’s yarns). There are a range of other more uncommon sheep breeds to explore, but for now I’m satisfied and have a lot to work through!

Dark cormo, prepped by hand – literally just by hand-pulling the locks as my carders are in storage!

Today since getting back from holiday I have already spun and plied the merino/camel fibre, and I hope to do the same with reasonable speed for the other fibres I picked up. I’m thinking for all these natural coloured bits of fibre I’m picking up, I could spin them all to roughly DK weight and then use them for colour-work in some way – perhaps mittens or as accents against some dark Hebridean yarn on a colour-work yoke. I feel like my exploration of other fibres is a step towards having a biodegradable, more sustainable wardrobe, woop!

We’ll see what I can do. Anyway, the continuous stash dashing is progressing well despite this month’s slight swell in supplies. I actually finished a pair of socks and a hat this weekend, along with the significant progress on my Farmhouse Cardigan. Once I can complete the cardigan, I think I will have a good amount of momentum to continue with. Fingers crossed! I hope you all are well. If you have any thoughts on Bakewell Woolgathering, fibre from World of Wool, or anything like that, please let me know!

Rcently handspun yarn



Summer has been hectic and oh so hot. We don’t have air conditioning in our house, like a lot of UK houses (at least a lot of UK houses not owned by rich people…?), and our upstairs computer room is regularly hitting 33+ celsius. I’m finding it really hard to focus! Outside of being a knitter/maker, I also paint and make 3D models. I’ve got a commission I’m working on but I haven’t done any this week due to being tired out from work (not being able to sleep at night because it’s so hot) and because it’s so hot that I feel I can do only a little at a time. I’m sure if I forced myself I could get it done, but would it be the best it could be? My client is very understanding though 🙂

I thought I’d pop by this Friday evening with a brief list update of things that have been going on and projects on the go 🙂

  1. I finished my sister’s ankle socks!
  2. I’ve almost finished the Hedgehog Fibres green socks that I started when I was teaching my friend to knit.
  3. I made my first project bag and it wasn’t too bad… I’ve also cut out the pieces for a second, half size bag.
  4. I started the second F is for Fidelio bobbin! Fibre from Countess Ablaze, my LYS ❤
  5. Progress continues on the Farmhouse Cardigan. I’ve almost finished the ribbing on the bottom hem of the body. Not a ton of progress but that’s ok, as I’m focusing on eliminating some of my smaller sock projects 🙂
  6. I’ll probably cast on some vanilla socks for my mum next, although I should really give vanilla socks a break, because they end up being the ONLY thing I produce…
  7. After a soak and a bit of time drying flat out in the sun, my Featherweight Cardigan is all done! Soaking and kinda-blocking really smoothed out a lot of the less well tensioned areas of this project. I twisted stitches when I picked them up by accident on the sleeves, I got ladders in them due to using DPNs on laceweight (something I’m not used to but probably would be fine with if I had more practice – but I will be using magic loop for sleeves from now on)… I just had wobbly tension in general throughout, not being used to laceweight yarn on 4mm needles. I’m so glad it all worked out fine! I was expecting to get a sorta-ugly cardigan that I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing outside… Need to take project photos of it in its glory. Would knit again for sure!

Thanks and take care in the heat!

Mini stash dashing update

Hi all,

I have a bunch of stuff I want to do today (Sunday), so I thought I’d just write a mini update of projects.

  1. My parents came over for the weekend and my mum was kind enough to help me rip back my normal bind off on the collar of my cardigan (MANY stitches – laceweight!), and then we both worked on casting off with a stretchier finish. I then sorted the ends out and gave it a soak, it’s now drying in the sun, laid flat!
  2. My parents also brought my spinning wheel up with them so I did a bunch of spinning too – it’s so fast compared to spindling! Not that spindling isn’t lovely too. But I’ve almost finished spinning up the first bobbin of some Countess Ablaze fibre from my stash – colourway is F is for Fidelio. I do enjoy Countess Ablaze’s fibre blends and recommend checking them out.
  3. I also was reunited with my sewing machine! AND my fabric purchase which I thought had possibly been lost in the mail was rescued – it had turned up at our old house and C picked it up when he went back to Wales on a day trip. I’m hoping to use the fabric and the machine to attempt some project bags as a reintroduction to sewing. Then … I bought a Merchant and Mills pattern last night for the Factory Dress which I want to attempt.
  4. RE other projects, when my family was down, I got my sister to try on the 1 sock I had in progress for and then knitted the remainder up to the correct length. I’ve started the second sock but I think I’ve just been knitting too much over other projects and am not drawn to it right now. It could also be that I’m just bored of vanilla socks, without having any commute or travel time at the moment.
  5. I finished both sleeves of my Farmhouse Cardigan – using my hand dyed yarn, picture in previous blog post – and started on the body of the cardi while binge watching Glow. More to come!
  6. My mum seemed to enjoy hand winding yarn balls – I don’t have a swift and ball winder – so I was very happy to let her wind up a few balls for future projects!
  7. C has decided he’s going to crochet so he’s trying at the moment!

That’s all for my super quick update, I’m going to draw a bit more and maybe do a bit of my 3D commission, then I’ll be downstairs, possibly spinning or starting on project bags.

Pictures to come!



I figured it’s a good time to write a blog post today. I’m incredibly tired; I worked on bread department today, starting at 6am (so woke up at 4.30am). I’m currently struggling to keep my eyes open before it’s time to make dinner. Might even have a sneaky nap.

It’s been a week or so. I haven’t yet started my job but it is fast approaching. I have to work right up til this Sunday and then I have the Monday bank holiday to prepare, then on Tuesday I start.

(I took a nap after those two paragraphs and now it’s Thursday!)

I have three more days left at the supermarket, starting tomorrow. I’m looking forward to not having to wear a uniform again, to not finishing late, to not working the full weekend… and I have my fingers crossed that I will fit in well in my new job.

On the craft front, I received a skein from Fine Fish Yarns based in Ireland, bought for myself as a little pay day treat last month.

How could I not be taken in by those colours and by the colour way name ‘twilight grimoire’? I love the word grimoire and stuff associated with witches and occult and strange lovecraftian things.

I’m looking forward to knitting with it. It’s a single skein so to be honest it’ll probably be a pair of comfy socks worn with some big black cardigan and mauve or muted dress/other ensemble.

In the past few months my tastes in style and colour have jumped all over the place. When I first discovered indie dyed yarn I was all about the crazy neons. I still am, but now I’m appreciating natural shades (including undyed breed specific yarns) and more subtle colourings. I can definitely appreciate a good neon and I love pastels but I’m being drawn in by moody subdued colours. I’m not sure which of these schemes suit me best and I don’t want to own a ton of clothes to support a me that operates in several different colour schemes! My plan for the wardrobe is to deal with staples first.

I digress. Anyway, brief note; yes this yarn contains nylon again. And is super wash. I talk about avoiding it a few times in previous posts and I’m still interested in doing that, but it seems I’m a real sucker for indie dyed yarns which are very often on these sorts of bases. I won’t punish myself for it. I will keep trying though!

Anyway, that’s all for now as I better get back onto my to do list. I’m also knitting up a second vanilla sock. Thanks for reading!

Update & a sprinkle of knitting


I didn’t realise that I didn’t mention knitting in my last post – the first personal only post! And today I might be continuing that trend. Thought I’d write a little update. I was originally planning on not posting that previous post until later on, but I accidentally posted and just left it there anyway.

Later on the day I posted – or was it the next day – I heard back from the company. They said they were going to make me a formal offer soon for a job but had to first get it approved. So I’m currently waiting to hear when things go through. They said it’s pretty much always fine yet I still have a small bit of anxiety that things might fall through. I’ll celebrate properly and tell people about the job more once it’s all sorted. I’m just eager to begin!

For a long time, basically since I left my games artist job in Jan 2017, I avoided writing about work situations since I was wondering if it would affect my job hunting prospects. I feel as though I might be more free to write whatever I feel like once I settle into the next job.

More updates soon!

I promise a small bit of knitting talk… so project updates:

  • Hat for my sister – Finished! 2×2 rib, no pattern, but followed a blog post for crown decreases. I made it from Hedgehog Fibres aran weight merino in Fool’s Gold and Genie, left over yarn from a hat I made previously for myself. It felt good to knit up old stash for a gift! I also knitted a coaster afterwards so I could have a nice memento of such a colourful yarn.
  • Treccia – I treated myself to the Treccia hat pattern by Michele Wang. I bought 2 skeins of fingering weight shetland yarn from Garthenor when I went to EYF2018. I started knitting the hat last night and it has been pleasantly challenging from the get-go. I’ve finished the ribbing and am just getting into the cabling.
  • Socks – Socks everywhere! I have many socks on the needles. 1 pair of ankle socks for my sister, from leftover sock blank yarn; 1 pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks for a friend as they’re a bit small for me and I have enough socks already; 1 pair of basically vanilla socks with contrasting HT&Cs; 1 pair of Monkey Socks which I started to learn and get used to the magic loop technique – which I LOVE!
  • Featherweight Cardigan – argh. I did all the knitting for this cardigan finally while we were waiting to move into our new home. But then I cast off with the incorrect method and at some point I have to rip back my cast off and re do it!
  • Penguono – getting frogged!

What a time to be free!

This is gonna be a long one, and the first part might not seem entirely uplifting to read, but I’m going to try and write anyway, and hopefully there’ll be some ‘wholesome’ optimism sprinkled in in intervals!

I’m not entirely free, but today is a pretty free day for me. I’m off work, home alone, and I can’t leave the house because I’m waiting for 2 deliveries and the food delivery.

I also had a 2nd interview with a company yesterday for a full time, mon-fri office job. I yearn for it, not because I want to work in an office doing officey things… but because – I don’t know if this is a thing – but it’s been enough years after university that now most of my friends have escaped shift work and seem to be settling into places, working mon-fri jobs and doing stuff on the weekends. So with me, working shifts and having tues-thurs off, I can’t do anything with my friends without using up holiday. My parents also want to visit on weekends ideally.

In Jan 2017 I had to quit what was for a good amount of time my dream job. This is because they stopped paying us on time and didn’t really give us indications of when they would pay. I couldn’t really afford to live like that, and my art coworkers had also already left, so I felt like I also wouldn’t be learning as much as I could.

I took a leap going back into hospitality with a poorly paid, 6 day a week yet somehow ~16 hour a week cafe job. It was a very busy job, but it did help me to survive a bit longer on a very low budget. I managed in June 2017 to get 30 hours a week at the local supermarket, which was a less stressful job. Until they started losing staff on our team and not replacing them! But it sufficed.

I tried to work on my art while applying to a range of local and non-local jobs. With local jobs, despite being qualified for all I applied to, I only got one interview and wasn’t successful. I should’ve asked for feedback but I forgot! I could have been unsuccessful in all my applications from having a bad CV or cover letter, who knows?

In the non-local jobs, I got an interview in Manchester but that day the trains broke from the heavy snow and I couldn’t attend. I had a skype interview but I couldn’t hear the man’s questions because he wasn’t wearing headphones so there was a ton of feedback. I didn’t get the job.

Anyway, now I’ve moved to Manchester this April 2018 and I have been applying to some jobs. I had an interview with a company for an admin-ish job using some language. They said I was unsuccessful/unsuitable but kindly allowed me to have a second interview, which I had yesterday. I’m now sitting at home, unable to go do stuff outside, trying not to worry about whether or not I will get this job. I’m really hoping for some good news job-wise after having almost a year and a half (not including the time at my old job where I had no money) of not so great experiences.

If I don’t get this, I will definitely ask for feedback. I will also try and make sure my CV is improved for next time. If I don’t get this, I will go to the other interview I have booked on Friday for another admin job – it’s going to be difficult getting there as there isn’t really much public transport though. If I don’t get this, I will find and apply for more jobs. If I’m still at the supermarket in June I will use my modest yet definitely appreciated June bonus to treat myself and C somehow.

I’m going to try and appreciate my current part time life.

  • I have more time off to work on art
  • I have more time off to be able to cook meals
  • I can keep up with my Japanese study fairly well
  • I get a discount at the supermarket
  • I can go into town tues-thurs when banks and post offices are open
  • I can still mostly afford to live
  • I can look back at my time working regular hours and appreciate them, something I took for granted after experiencing it for 1.5 years
  • I can spend time writing meditative posts like this one
  • I remember how to live frugally and work from a budget

I can use days like today, where I’m stuck indoors, to work on things I’ve been putting off for ages. Things like:

  • Finally putting together the painting process video that’s just been sitting in my computer unfinished
  • Finishing incomplete paintings
  • Updating blogs
  • Finishing knitting projects (like the hat for my sister that just needs decreases)
  • Finishing up spinning
  • Catching up with podcasts
  • Listening to e-books – finishing up Vulcan’s Hammer
  • Organising my life and my computer files
  • Making the video for my Japanese teacher that she really needs for her presentation (I have been putting this off for ages!)
  • Reading some news in Japanese
  • Winding yarn into balls (gasp – maybe I can get a ball winder and swift with my bonus?!)
  • Maybe finally updating my art social media with a better background and profile picture (haha… I’ve been putting this off forever)
  • Hoovering (shudder)
  • Rewriting my holiday forms for work

Life Update

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post – a lot has been going on – and actually I’m writing this into a word processor for the moment since we have no internet. I’ll post it once we get our net back.

I’m not really sure when my last post was anyway. But after months of me waiting and hoping, we have moved from rural Wales to Manchester. I love where we used to live, but there weren’t opportunities for me job-wise and I really wasn’t enjoying my job; we were understaffed but not really getting any replacement staff in, our duties were increasing to fill the gap, etc.

I transferred stores and now I’m working slightly less hours per week (24 per week) which I hope will allow me to look for a job.I can’t yet resume my search since I’m waiting on the internet! I even ventured out to the local library to do some job hunting on their computers; it was closed. I walked to the library half an hour away; also closed! So, I’ve returned home for the day. I’m going to draw after writing this little update.

I thought I’d give a crafting update as well since that is the focus of this blog (in addition to being a sort of personal diary)…

EYF 2018: I went to EYF with my mum, what an overwhelming and exciting adventure! I loved it and enjoyed it, despite not feeling at my best mentally (I think due to lack of decent sleep). I met a lot of kind people, a couple of podcasters, and briefly got a photo with Stephen West after my mum asked him to take a picture with me… I didn’t want to bother him too much since he was so busy and I actually had no knitwear on me anyway, let alone any design by him! But I appreciated it in the end and he was very kind.

Another highlight was meeting Louise of Spin City as she was a great and friendly person to chat to, and she let me try out her Kromski Fantasia and Minstrel – both lovely wheels. I got a hand dyed fibre braid off her (merino nylon – yes – despite me trying to avoid non natural fibres at the moment – sorry world) which has some really beautiful colours. I’d love to get more of her fibre for my spinning queue, but I think her braids (not batts – lots of batts on site) aren’t really available at the moment on her website. She’s probably busy with Wonderwool Wales coming up! I’m a bit sad I’ll miss that event since I’ve moved but to be honest, I have so much waiting in my stash to be spun and knit that it’s for the best!

I spent about £130 at EYF, which might not seem like that much judging by some of the haul photos I saw, but for me it’s the biggest shop I’ve done in so long. My purchases included some non-nylon sock weight yarn from Blacker Yarns (eager to try out no nylon socks, inspired by Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet podcast). I also bought MCN sock yarn from Qing Fibre, a long time favourite dyer of mine, and I can’t resist her colourways. They are my special treat! Along with that I got 2 skeins of yarn from Cosmic Strings, potentially to knit a Mount Pleasant – a sort of cropped, short sleeved, cute top – and yep, again, more nylon. I will allow myself this for now. It’s a process.

Lastly I bought 2 skeins of shetland yarn from Garthenor, who oddly actually operated very close to where I lived in Wales. They had been on my list for a while but before due to funds being sort of short, I wasn’t able to order from them. These 2 skeins will hopefully work as a Treccia hat (pattern by Michele Wang).

I really hope I can go to EYF again.

Knitting: I managed to finish my Featherweight Cardigan! After smashing through the sleeves while in semi-homeless limbo between 2 houses, I also completed the collar while trapped in motorway traffic on the way to visit my parents (driven by my dad – not driving and knitting!). The only problem is: my cast off edge, while neat, is not as stretchy as I need it to be. So the fabric is cinched and looks silly! This is my fault, I didn’t think that a stretchy cast off would be a good idea and I was so wrong! So I have to get round to ripping back the cast off edge and re-casting off hundreds of collar stitches again. It’ll be nice when it’s done!

Another mini issue which I’ve decided to ignore is that my tension was all horrible, so horrible, on the sleeves. I used DPNs because I haven’t yet learned magic loop. It’s really obviously laddered in some places, etc. I’m hoping it’ll improve in blocking. It had been hibernating on the needles for so long that I just decided I needed to complete it asap, no matter if there were tension issues.

I plan to learn magic loop, cabling without cable needles, toe up socks and more… over the next year or so.

Spinning: After EYF I used some money my parents had contributed for my birthday and bought a spinning wheel – the Kromski Fantasia – from Spin City, as I had enjoyed using it at EYF. I put it together last week with the help of my dad and started spinning on it. I’m still working out tension and created the most ugly over-spun yarn ever on it. I’ll keep trying though. It’s living at my parents’ house for now. While I’m here in Manchester I’ll slowly drop spindle my way through my stash here. I really don’t enjoy plying on my drop spindle so I really hope I can get to grips with tension on the wheel.

Well, that’s probably all I should update you all on for now, since this must be a pretty long post! Apart rom that, I’m working at the new store, shy and a little nervous, wanting to do my best… and hoping to look for full time Monday to Friday work as soon as I can get internet back.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is well,


Fibre Sustainability

Thoughts about sustainability in general life and also craft have been on my mind for a long time. Listening to podcasts such as Woolful (now Making podcast), Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet and A Maker’s Pilgrimage have given me a lot of ideas, inspiration and information on the subject. I recommend checking them out if you’re interested too! Anyway, I’m considering ways to slowly make my life and making more sustainable for the environment.

As is my way (at least according to previous posts), I’ve arranged my little thoughts on how I can improve the sustainability of my fibre practice and consumption below. Some of these are a bit vague or more personal to me, but perhaps they might be interesting for others to consider. If you have any suggestions or opinions of your own, I would love to hear them.

Improving my fibre practice and consumption

  1. Buying less, using what I have, being less impulsive
  2. Buying local
  3. Making my own yarn from local fleece
  4. Avoiding nylon and plastics in fibre; for example testing out non superwash, nylon-free socks
  5. Making use of local/UK fleece
  6. Actually using the items that I have crafted
  7. Encouraging and informing others about crafting and the above points
  8. Sharing resources with other crafters
  9. Understanding where my shortcomings are and finding information to improve; for example if I buy lots of dyed cotton items, or buy products made from a less sustainable fibre
  10. Composting non plastic fibre waste
  11. Reusing fibre waste where possible; e.g. as ties for hand spun hanks of yarn

I have a few non fibre related long term goals and they are: growing my own food, sewing, and one day maybe having rescued battery farm chickens!

Buying Local

I thought I would also include in this blog post a little list of some lovely local-to-me yarn and fibre sellers. Perhaps other crafters living in Wales might like to try these shops out:

  1. Nunoco – spinning fibre from a seller in Bethesda. I have bought from Nunoco, they have a lovely range of fibres, it’s great quality and they shipped surprisingly very quickly.
  2. Hilltop Cloud – spinning fibre and hand dyed yarn, a lovely blog too. From very close to me! I hope I can buy from them soon.
  3. Barber Black Sheep – spinning fibre and hand dyed yarn again, lovely range.
  4. Garthenor – another very local organic yarn seller, I would love to try their yarn out sometime soon, once I have worked through my yarn pantry a bit more.

Well friends, that’s all for now. I’m going to go do a bit more spinning, listen to some podcasts and drink tea. On Sunday I’m heading to a friend’s place with my Japanese teacher and we are going to sort through some fleece she collected from her flock. I don’t think it’s full fleeces and I don’t know how easy they’ll be to work with, but we will see what could be made with it.

Thanks for reading!


Intention Setting

I find goal setting quite useful! Yesterday I was just finishing up at work and I was thinking about my plans for today, a day off work. I wanted to have a contemplative, calm day but also wanted to make sure I would be fairly productive. So I’ve listed my (creative) goals for the day… and then thought further about the coming months and year. I haven’t included stuff like chores in my day plan (although they’re in my notebook to do list).

For the day

  • Spin for Aled (commission) – done!
  • Soak yarn when completed – done!
  • Work on portfolio project – this is an art project, not a craft project, but it’s important for me to get done so I’m including it!

For the first quarter of the year

  • Complete my current portfolio project in January

For the whole year

  • Learn magic loop technique – done!
  • Learn toe up socks
  • Knit a Michele Wang hat
  • Knit a Michele Wang sweater
  • Knit up my aran weight simple cardigan using my hand dyed shetland yarn.