I figured it’s a good time to write a blog post today. I’m incredibly tired; I worked on bread department today, starting at 6am (so woke up at 4.30am). I’m currently struggling to keep my eyes open before it’s time to make dinner. Might even have a sneaky nap.

It’s been a week or so. I haven’t yet started my job but it is fast approaching. I have to work right up til this Sunday and then I have the Monday bank holiday to prepare, then on Tuesday I start.

(I took a nap after those two paragraphs and now it’s Thursday!)

I have three more days left at the supermarket, starting tomorrow. I’m looking forward to not having to wear a uniform again, to not finishing late, to not working the full weekend… and I have my fingers crossed that I will fit in well in my new job.

On the craft front, I received a skein from Fine Fish Yarns based in Ireland, bought for myself as a little pay day treat last month.

How could I not be taken in by those colours and by the colour way name ‘twilight grimoire’? I love the word grimoire and stuff associated with witches and occult and strange lovecraftian things.

I’m looking forward to knitting with it. It’s a single skein so to be honest it’ll probably be a pair of comfy socks worn with some big black cardigan and mauve or muted dress/other ensemble.

In the past few months my tastes in style and colour have jumped all over the place. When I first discovered indie dyed yarn I was all about the crazy neons. I still am, but now I’m appreciating natural shades (including undyed breed specific yarns) and more subtle colourings. I can definitely appreciate a good neon and I love pastels but I’m being drawn in by moody subdued colours. I’m not sure which of these schemes suit me best and I don’t want to own a ton of clothes to support a me that operates in several different colour schemes! My plan for the wardrobe is to deal with staples first.

I digress. Anyway, brief note; yes this yarn contains nylon again. And is super wash. I talk about avoiding it a few times in previous posts and I’m still interested in doing that, but it seems I’m a real sucker for indie dyed yarns which are very often on these sorts of bases. I won’t punish myself for it. I will keep trying though!

Anyway, that’s all for now as I better get back onto my to do list. I’m also knitting up a second vanilla sock. Thanks for reading!


Jobs, creations, shop, whatnot

I’m writing to you from my parents’ house in Essex today.

Job update

The company I mentioned previously got back to me! I will be starting my new job on 29th May and am looking forward to it. Until then there is the task of resignation and organising what happens to my pension and all of that too. I will tackle those things once I return from my parents’ house.

Also, the reason I came back here was for a careers advice meeting in London. Prior to this I had filled in multiple surveys and completed tests. I had my 2+ hour meeting on Wednesday. It was useful, and involved answering a lot of questions and being presented with several career suggestions. It was overwhelming in a way (not in a bad way) and I don’t think I can remember all of the advice and suggestions given. Luckily they follow up with a written report later on so I will deal with that more once that comes through… before making any decisions and so forth.

Knitting update

I’m plugging away, trying to finish my sock wips. Although I admit to casting on a new vanilla sock due to the fact I was going to be flying home for my career advice meeting. The vanilla sock is progressing quickly though and I love these types of projects for their portability and simplicity as a travel activity.

The Michele Wang hat  (Treccia) took a back seat due to being busy, but luckily I was able to use my parents’ printer to print the chart out, so it should be easier to work on without having to stare at the computer screen for chart instructions.

Craft update

I finished a bit of freelance work and was paid very quickly (which I love). I put half into our house account and treated myself with the other half. I ordered some fabric and sewing supplies! I have been wanting to get back into sewing for years but have resisted due to time, not having the tools or financial resources. Unfortunately, PayPal changed my delivery address while ordering to our previous house! So we will see if things arrive smoothly (due to mail direct) or if somehow I end up losing £30+ of fabric. Fingers crossed!

Shop thoughts 

The ‘smol shop’; a casual low pressure shop space for all my made things. I mainly create small drawings on nice paper, but also want to include my handspun and other things that I can create. For example, I am still quite interested in dyeing yarn; which I did get done but had to take a break from due to finances! I didn’t have the capital to invest in more yarn and I will probably try to knit more stash before working on it. Also the sewing; this is a thing that is going to happen, I’m going to low key practice this and if it gets good I will think about selling stuff (as I end up thinking about with all of my creative pursuits). I really don’t want to pressure myself too much as I know it will make me hesitant and fearful. I want to approach it with a ‘see how it goes’ mindset. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Update & a sprinkle of knitting


I didn’t realise that I didn’t mention knitting in my last post – the first personal only post! And today I might be continuing that trend. Thought I’d write a little update. I was originally planning on not posting that previous post until later on, but I accidentally posted and just left it there anyway.

Later on the day I posted – or was it the next day – I heard back from the company. They said they were going to make me a formal offer soon for a job but had to first get it approved. So I’m currently waiting to hear when things go through. They said it’s pretty much always fine yet I still have a small bit of anxiety that things might fall through. I’ll celebrate properly and tell people about the job more once it’s all sorted. I’m just eager to begin!

For a long time, basically since I left my games artist job in Jan 2017, I avoided writing about work situations since I was wondering if it would affect my job hunting prospects. I feel as though I might be more free to write whatever I feel like once I settle into the next job.

More updates soon!

I promise a small bit of knitting talk… so project updates:

  • Hat for my sister – Finished! 2×2 rib, no pattern, but followed a blog post for crown decreases. I made it from Hedgehog Fibres aran weight merino in Fool’s Gold and Genie, left over yarn from a hat I made previously for myself. It felt good to knit up old stash for a gift! I also knitted a coaster afterwards so I could have a nice memento of such a colourful yarn.
  • Treccia – I treated myself to the Treccia hat pattern by Michele Wang. I bought 2 skeins of fingering weight shetland yarn from Garthenor when I went to EYF2018. I started knitting the hat last night and it has been pleasantly challenging from the get-go. I’ve finished the ribbing and am just getting into the cabling.
  • Socks – Socks everywhere! I have many socks on the needles. 1 pair of ankle socks for my sister, from leftover sock blank yarn; 1 pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks for a friend as they’re a bit small for me and I have enough socks already; 1 pair of basically vanilla socks with contrasting HT&Cs; 1 pair of Monkey Socks which I started to learn and get used to the magic loop technique – which I LOVE!
  • Featherweight Cardigan – argh. I did all the knitting for this cardigan finally while we were waiting to move into our new home. But then I cast off with the incorrect method and at some point I have to rip back my cast off and re do it!
  • Penguono – getting frogged!

What a time to be free!

This is gonna be a long one, and the first part might not seem entirely uplifting to read, but I’m going to try and write anyway, and hopefully there’ll be some ‘wholesome’ optimism sprinkled in in intervals!

I’m not entirely free, but today is a pretty free day for me. I’m off work, home alone, and I can’t leave the house because I’m waiting for 2 deliveries and the food delivery.

I also had a 2nd interview with a company yesterday for a full time, mon-fri office job. I yearn for it, not because I want to work in an office doing officey things… but because – I don’t know if this is a thing – but it’s been enough years after university that now most of my friends have escaped shift work and seem to be settling into places, working mon-fri jobs and doing stuff on the weekends. So with me, working shifts and having tues-thurs off, I can’t do anything with my friends without using up holiday. My parents also want to visit on weekends ideally.

In Jan 2017 I had to quit what was for a good amount of time my dream job. This is because they stopped paying us on time and didn’t really give us indications of when they would pay. I couldn’t really afford to live like that, and my art coworkers had also already left, so I felt like I also wouldn’t be learning as much as I could.

I took a leap going back into hospitality with a poorly paid, 6 day a week yet somehow ~16 hour a week cafe job. It was a very busy job, but it did help me to survive a bit longer on a very low budget. I managed in June 2017 to get 30 hours a week at the local supermarket, which was a less stressful job. Until they started losing staff on our team and not replacing them! But it sufficed.

I tried to work on my art while applying to a range of local and non-local jobs. With local jobs, despite being qualified for all I applied to, I only got one interview and wasn’t successful. I should’ve asked for feedback but I forgot! I could have been unsuccessful in all my applications from having a bad CV or cover letter, who knows?

In the non-local jobs, I got an interview in Manchester but that day the trains broke from the heavy snow and I couldn’t attend. I had a skype interview but I couldn’t hear the man’s questions because he wasn’t wearing headphones so there was a ton of feedback. I didn’t get the job.

Anyway, now I’ve moved to Manchester this April 2018 and I have been applying to some jobs. I had an interview with a company for an admin-ish job using some language. They said I was unsuccessful/unsuitable but kindly allowed me to have a second interview, which I had yesterday. I’m now sitting at home, unable to go do stuff outside, trying not to worry about whether or not I will get this job. I’m really hoping for some good news job-wise after having almost a year and a half (not including the time at my old job where I had no money) of not so great experiences.

If I don’t get this, I will definitely ask for feedback. I will also try and make sure my CV is improved for next time. If I don’t get this, I will go to the other interview I have booked on Friday for another admin job – it’s going to be difficult getting there as there isn’t really much public transport though. If I don’t get this, I will find and apply for more jobs. If I’m still at the supermarket in June I will use my modest yet definitely appreciated June bonus to treat myself and C somehow.

I’m going to try and appreciate my current part time life.

  • I have more time off to work on art
  • I have more time off to be able to cook meals
  • I can keep up with my Japanese study fairly well
  • I get a discount at the supermarket
  • I can go into town tues-thurs when banks and post offices are open
  • I can still mostly afford to live
  • I can look back at my time working regular hours and appreciate them, something I took for granted after experiencing it for 1.5 years
  • I can spend time writing meditative posts like this one
  • I remember how to live frugally and work from a budget

I can use days like today, where I’m stuck indoors, to work on things I’ve been putting off for ages. Things like:

  • Finally putting together the painting process video that’s just been sitting in my computer unfinished
  • Finishing incomplete paintings
  • Updating blogs
  • Finishing knitting projects (like the hat for my sister that just needs decreases)
  • Finishing up spinning
  • Catching up with podcasts
  • Listening to e-books – finishing up Vulcan’s Hammer
  • Organising my life and my computer files
  • Making the video for my Japanese teacher that she really needs for her presentation (I have been putting this off for ages!)
  • Reading some news in Japanese
  • Winding yarn into balls (gasp – maybe I can get a ball winder and swift with my bonus?!)
  • Maybe finally updating my art social media with a better background and profile picture (haha… I’ve been putting this off forever)
  • Hoovering (shudder)
  • Rewriting my holiday forms for work